Prominent dates in Goan history

TIMELINES – Goan History


Year Month Day Place Goa Event World Event
-1200     India   The beginnings of Hinduism
-300     Goa Goa under Mauryan rule of Ashoka the Great  
400     Goa "Kadambas conquer Goa. Chandor capital of Devarajah, Bhoja King"  
600     Goa Tiswadi (Ilhas) conquered by Chalukyas  
1327     Goa "Kadamba rule in Goa collapses, surrender to forces of Mohammed Bin Tughlak"  
1460     Portugal   Death of Prince Henry the Navigator
1469     Goa "Bahamani King, Mohammed Shah, captures Goa"  
1493     Rome   Bull of Demarcation issued by Pope Alexander VI
1497     Portugal   "Forcible baptism of 20,000 Jews"
1497     Portugal   Vasco da Gama sails for India
1498     Portugal   Vasco da Gama reaches India
1499     Rome   "Leonardo da Vinci's ""Last Supper"" painted"
1502     Portugal   Vasco da Gama's second voyage to India
1506     Spain   Birth of St. Francis Xavier
1510 12 10 Goa Yusuf Adil Shah forces surrender Goa to Afonso de Albuquerque  
1514     Goa Attack by Ismail Adil Shah sustained  
1524     Portugal   Death of Vasco da Gama
1530     Brazil   First Portuguese colonies planted in Brazil
1533     England   English Church breaks away from Rome
1534     Goa Occupation of Diu by the Portuguese  
1535     Goa Sultan of Gujarat, grants Portuguese site for a fortress at Diu  
1536     Portugal   Establishment of the Inquisition in Portugal
1539     Goa Bishopric of Goa Created  
1540     Rome   Formation of the Society of Jesus
1540     Goa Persecution of Hindus in Goa  
1540     Goa Mass destruction of Hindu temples  
1542     Goa St. Francis Xavier arrives in India  
1542     Japan   Portuguese reach Japan
1542     Goa Jesuits arrive in India  
1549     Japan   St. Francis Xavier lands in Japan
1552     China   St. Francis Xavier's voyage to China and death there
1553     Portugal   Poet Cameons sails for India
1556 10 1 Goa Printing Press introduced in Goa. "Conclusionnes Philosophicas" first book published  
1557     China   Portugal secures a foothold in Macau
1560     Goa Establishment of the Inquisition in Goa  
1561     Goa Occupation of Daman by the Portuguese  
1567 12 4 Goa Ecclesiastical Council orders the expulsion of all non-Christian priests, teachers, and holy men  
1570     Goa Goa under siege by Ismail Adil Shah  
1571     Portugal   Publication of The Lusiads
1580     Portugal   Portugal united to Spain
1602     Holland   Dutch East India Company formed
1603     Goa Blockade by Dutch lasting several years  
1622     Rome St. Francis Xavier canonized by Pope Gregory XV  
1638     Sri Lanka   Dutch conquer Portuguese settlements in Ceylon
1639     Goa Blockade by Dutch  
1651 3 21 Goa Father Joseph Vaz born  
1653     Goa Mutiny led by Fr. Mateus de Castro to overthrow Portuguese rule  
1661     Bombay   Bombay given to British as part of dowry of Catherine of Braganza to Charles II of England
1683 12 11 Goa Attack on Goa by Marathas under Sambhaji  
1685     Goa Father Joseph Vaz forms the Oratorian order
1698     E. Africa   Portuguese lose Mombasa
1711 1 16 Ceylon   Father Joseph Vaz dies
1722     Goa Treaty with the Maratha King Shahu  
1737     Goa Start of war with Marathas and Portuguese for Bassein  
1739     Goa Marathas attack Goa  
1741     Goa Marathas and Bhonsles defeated by Portuguese forces  
1759     Old Goa Viceroy takes up residence in Panaji  
1759     Goa Peace concluded with Marathas  
1763     Goa Acquisition of Ponda, Sanguem and Quepem to Goa territory  
1764     Goa Canacona added to Goa  
1787     Goa ""Conspiracy of Pintos"". Pinto families in Bardez conspire to overthrow Portuguese and form sovereign republic  
1797     Goa British blockade Goa  
1812     Goa Pernem added to Goa  
1812     Goa End of the Inquisition  
1813     Goa Representative sent to House of Representatives in Lisbon  
1813     Goa End of British blockade  
1843     Goa Panaji declared capital of Goa  
1852     Goa Uprising headed by Dipali Rauji Sardesai  
1869 1 21 Goa Fr. Agnelo De Souza born in Anjuna  
1885     India   Indian National congress established
1895     Goa Uprising headed by Dadaji Rauji Rane Sardesai, who was deported to Timor, and died there  
1898 9 22 Goa Fr. Agnelo ordained in Cathedral of Saint Catherine, Old Goa  
1900     Goa Start of O Heraldo, Goa's first daily paper  
1906     Timor   Dadaji Rauji Rane Sardesai dies in Timor
1910 10 5 Portugal   Proclamation of Portuguese Republic
1920     India   Mahatma Gandhi starts first civil disobedience campaign against the British.
1926 5 28 Portugal   Start of Salazar's rule
1927 12 12 Goa Fr. Agnelo dies, age 58, at Rachol Seminary  
1946 6 18 Goa Satyagraha by Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia  
1947 8 15 India   Union of India created
1947 8 15 Pakistan   Pakistan created by partition from former British India
1948     India   Mahatma Gandhi assassinated
1954 7 21 Goa Liberation of Dadra  
1954 8 2 Goa Liberation of Nagar Aveli  
1958 5 29 Rome   Process for Beatification for Fr. Agnelo approved by Pope Pius XII  
1961 12 9 Goa Start of Operation Vijaya by Indian Army to liberate Goa  
1961 12 19 Goa Liberation of Goa, and integration with India accomplished  
1963 12 8 Goa First election to House of Assembly  
1975 2   India   Sahitya Akademi recognizes Konkani as a modern Indian language
1984     India   Indira Gandhi assassinated
1987     Goa Goa attains Statehood  
1991     India   Rajiv Gandhi assassinated
1995 3 21 Colombo Beatification of Father Joseph Vaz by Pope John Paul II