Protect Pandava caves: NGO

An NGO from Ponda has urged the State government to protect the historic 12th Century Pandava caves at Khandepar-Ponda.

Members of Aparant Asmitha claimed that though the monument has been declared to be of state importance, there is no mechanism in place to look after it.

A placard at the site reads “The monument has been declared to be of State importance under the Goa Daman and Diu, Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act 1978.” The Aprant Asmitha members on Sunday voluntarily undertook the task to clean the site.

“It is very sad to see the 12th Century Pandava caves being neglected by the State authorities. This monument is of historic importance and has to be preserved for future generation,” said Aparant Asmitha President Naresh Balve.

“Such is the state of this monument that even after being listed as protected site by the State government, there is no maintenance. The whole area was covered with dry grass and wild plants,” stated Balve.

“We had come to this place some 15 days back and after looking at the condition we decided to clean the area. Today, our members cleaned the area,” added Balve.

Another member, Kumar Vaze, said “We recently conducted an activity at Farmagudi fort. Though the State government maintains the fort, but the visitors do not respect the place, especially the students. The government also should look after this issue.” [H]