PWD yet to find breach in Panaji pipeline


 PWD engineers have been working frantically for the last four days to plug a leakage in the water supply pipeline on the eastern Panaji side that is causing contamination of the water supply to about 30-odd connections. The problem started about six days ago. Sources in the PWD said that despite their efforts for the last several days, engineers have not been able to locate the breach in the pipeline that is causing the contamination of the water supply.
It is suspected that the seepage occurred into the supply line at the time of high tide. Sources said that tests on the water revealed the presence of chlorides and e-coli.
The problem is located between Gaspar Dias apartments near People's High school and the George Residency and Sona hotel areas. Sources said engineers have started maintaining a 24-hour supply to the network under pressure so that the seepage of the outside water does not occur. Engineers have installed several valves along the network in a bid to isolate the seepage point, but have still not located it.
Having observed an overflowing sewage chamber of one apartment complex, the PWD sent a notice to the complex management but with the management not responding, the PWD repaired the overflowing chamber itself. The PWD has also checked its own sewage chambers, but sources said they were all clear. [TOI]