Quelossim panel questions GCZMA’s inaction on Mini India Project

Vasco: Quelossim Biodiversity Management Committee and the villagers on Friday questioned the Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority team’s inaction after conducting the several inspections on the Mini India Project.

Chairman of Quelossim Biodiversity Management Committee Lopinho Xavier said that the GCZMA team has assured it will prepare a fresh plan of the project site to identify any existing illegalities.

“On Friday GCZMA team had come for the site inspection at the Mini India Project site,” he informed.

He said, “As per the information received, the inspection was carried out over the letter made by local MLA Alina Saldhana. The proponent of this project had asked for the permission from the GCZMA for the repair of the bundhs, sluice gates but during the inspection, the representative of the project proponent was unaware about the exact location of the sluice gates which they have asked for the repairs.”

“We asked the team after so many site inspections, why no actions had been taken on the reports of the previous inspections,” questioned Xavier. [H]