Questions raised over Moti Dongor demolition notices


Even as the Administrator of Communidades, South Zone, has completed its exercise of serving demolition notices on the residents of Moti Dongor and adjoining Talsanzor, many an eyebrow is being raised in legal circles over the government’s silence on the notifications notifying Moti Dongor as a slum and the decision to invoke the Goa Land (Prohibition on Construction) Act, 1995, to raze down the structures. Questions are being raised whether the Administrator of Communidades can demolish all structures on Moti Dongor, including structures existing prior to the coming into force of the Goa Land (Prohibition on Construction) Act in 1995. Constitutional lawyer Adv Cleofato Coutinho wondered how the authorities could raze down structures atop Moti Dongor under the Goa Land (Prohibition on Construction) Act, 1995, when the Act came into force in 1995.
When this query was posed to the District Collector, South N D Agrawal, he said the notice of removal also speaks of action against the structures on other enabling provision of the law of the land. He, however, could not state why the Administrator of Communidades did not invoke the provisions of the law of the land in the removal notice. What’s interesting to note is that the Collector said that the Code of Communidade empowers the Administrator to raze down illegal constructions on Communidade land, but had no answer when asked why the authorities did not invoke the provisions of the Code to initiate action against the structures. [H]