Rachol-Shiroda bridge: CM tries to allay fears of locals


 Despite opposition from various quarters, the Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Parrikar on Sunday tried to allay fears that the bridge would harm interests of locals including farmers.
When members of Raia panchayat including the sarpanch met Mr Parrikar to request him for a full-time panchayat secretary for the panchayat, the Chief Minister claimed that heavy traffic will not be allowed on the bridge and that the height of the bridge will be restricted.
It may be recalled that the village panchayats of Raia and Rachol had resolved to oppose the proposal of the Rachol-Shiroda bridge claiming that it would take away huge tracks of Khazan land of farmers. However interestingly, sources revealed that the Shiroda MLA and Industry Minister, Mr Mahadev Naik was adamant in taking up the proposal. The Rachol sarpanch, Mr Joseph Vaz however said that he will oppose the bridge claiming that many villagers are dependent on pisciculture and that if the bridge is built, they would be badly affected.
Mr Parrikar however, assured that he would depute a full-time secretary for the Raia panchayat at the earliest. [NT]