Radharao flays govt for hiking AG’s fees


UGDP leader Radharao Gracias has said that though Goa has been demanding special status for quite some time, the Goa Government has conferred special status on the Advocate General who may now earn Rs 8,00,000 per month in addition to other benefits. 
“The Advocate General will now earn more than the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the President of India which makes him unique,” he said, adding “by increasing the fees of the AG, the govt has shown that there is no financial crunch whatsoever and it is now expected that all the essential works particularly on roads and water supply will be taken up expeditiously”.
He, however, said that doubts have arisen in the minds of the public as to whether the present government is going to be as corrupt as as the Congress govt. which was voted out a year ago. “The appointment of such a pricy Advocate General implies that there will be too many scams to be defended and skeletons to be kept hidden. A good government does not need an Advocate General at all least of all an expensive one,” he added.  [H]