Rag-picker steals batteries, caught


Bicholim Police on Tuesday arrested a ragpicker from Karaswada-Mapusa, on charges of stealing mobile tower batteries worth Rs 35,000 from Menkurem-Bicholim.
According to police, two women, taking the opportunity of the security guard’s absence, entered the mobile tower area at Menkurem by breaking open the front gate lock and stole six batteries. However when the security  guard returned to the premises, locals informed him that two women were seen near the tower.
Acting swiftly, security guard Mohamad Tambi went to the nearby bus stop and found the women with gunny bags. On inspecting the bags, he found the stolen batteries.
Police further informed that the security guard managed to nab Laxmi Rathod (19), while the other woman fled from the scene.
Police arrested Laxmi, remanded her to judicial custody and are investigating the case. [H]