Raia locals sore over failure to compensate for electrical items


Residents of Raia-Manora are sore over the neglect by the Power department to compensate the consumers hit by the high voltage resulting in the damaged to electrical appliances and consumer durables.
 Residents claimed that the high voltage had left TV sets, home theatres and other electrical appliances belonging to 15 families of the locality damage. 
Raia village panchayat has now written a letter to the Power Minister to compensate the villagers and to rectify the situation at the earliest.
Villagers pointed out that though the incident had occurred on September 21, 2012, the Power department is yet to reply to the petitions made by them seeking compensation and rectification of the faults. 
Anthony Fernandes demanded to know whether the locality is ignored by the Power department because the constituency is represented by the Congress MLA. He along with other villagers demanded to know why Manora is plagued by power problems.
He said though the power department is required to issue the bills on a monthly basis, many a resident of Manora have received the bill after 44 days.  [H]