Rain causes manic Monday

After hovering in the 'nervous nineties' for more than seven days, the seasonal total of rainfall almost achieved a double record, crossing the 100-inch mark, on Monday morning, and edging towards the total seasonal average by late night.

"Today (Monday), the total season rainfall crossed the century-mark and also touched the seasonal average for four months of monsoon," K V Singh, director, meteorological centre said on Monday night.

On Monday morning, the total had reached 2,536.9mm, barely 3.9mm short of the century-mark. By 8.30pm, the Met centre recorded 48.7mm, which took the seasonal total to one more landmark.

"A total of 2,586.3mm is normal rainfall for the entire monsoon season (June-September)," Singh explained. A heavy spell of rainfall towards dusk on Monday pushed the total to 2,585.6, just a fraction of .7mm towards the normal seasonal total. From Monday morning, August 27, 2012, the climb to the century-mark was rather slow. The Met centre recorded 145.8mm (almost 6 inches) till the last Monday of August, as the heavy spell took the total rainfall from 2,211.2mm on Sunday, August 26, 2012, to 2,357.0mm (around 90inches) on Monday.

"After that, the rainfall was largely moderate and occasionally heavy in Panaji, though in some parts of Goa, there was rather heavy rain," Singh explained. The rainfall recorded after August 27, 2012, ranged from sparse to moderate. Only 55.3mm of rainfall recorded during 24 hours up to September 1, 2012, and 30.0mm on August 29, 2012, was on the higher side.

June yielded the bulk of the rainfall so far, as the Met centre recorded 1,177.1mm (about 47inches), but July, which is considered the wettest month of the year, was deficient. A total of only 614.0mm (about 24inches) was received which was even lesser than the rainfall in August, 2012. The city received 651.9mm (about 26 inches) last month. At present, the surplus rainfall crossed +220mm as on Monday night.

The heavy rainfall has caused extensive damage to property. Hundreds of trees crashed on houses and the road network was severely battered in many areas.

The wall of a house at Mandop, collapsed on Monday evening but, no casualties were reported. Fire services personnel rushed to the site and helped clear the debris. They have estimated the loss to be about 75,000. Crops also suffered some impact in some parts. The agriculture department stated that it is minimal but if the spell continues, crops may suffer from stagnation of water. [TOI]