Raisins Cherry Cake

Raisins Cherry Cake

Introduction :


Ingredients :

Use Raisins – 1cup
Use Cherries sliced – 1/2cup
Use Rum – 1/2cup
Use Refined flour – 11/2cups
Use Baking powder – 3tsp
Use Salt – a pinch
Use Powdered sugar – 3/4cup
Use Butter or Ghee – 3/4cup
Use Egg – 2nos
Use Vanila essence – 1tsp
For Icing :
Use Icing Sugar – 1cup
Use Milk – 11/2tbs
Use Vanilla essence – 1/4tsp


Mix cherries and raisins with rum. Keep on fire and remove when it begins to boil. Keep it for a night, so that the fruits will soak up the rum.
Sieve the flour, baking powder salt and powdered sugar together. Add ghee and mix it well. Beat the eggs till fluffy. Add this to the flour-ghee mixture and mix. Pour vanilla essence and the prepared fruit solution to it and stir well.
Pour the cake mixture in a greased ring mould. Bake for at least 45 minutes or till the cake is done. When cool, gently turn the cake out.
Beat the ingredients for icing till light and fluffy. Pour this over the prepared cake and bake it before use. Decorate the cake by topping with grated chocolate over the icing.