Rane equates Parrikar to ‘Ravan’

Leader of Opposition Pratapsing Rane Tuesday termed Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar as ‘Ravan’ with ten mouths.

In his short speech, during the Congress convention, at Miramar, Rane said that Parrikar has been talking through ten different mouths.

“Do you know what a person with ten mouths is called? We have burnt his effigy recently. Do you know who is he?” Rane asked the party members, who responded with the answers such as ‘Ravan’ and ‘Narakasur.’

Further elaborating on the statement, Rane clarified that he was referring to Ravan.

“Let him talk with ten mouths. We will continue doing our work. We kept quiet for 100 days and now we will keep mum for 300 days. The situation is getting tense in the state,” the former chief minister added.

He said that if the current situation prevails in the state (as far as mining is concerned), the BJP leaders will not be able to move around in the state. [H]