Recover mining losses from companies: GCCI

 In a new development, the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Tuesday added to the chorus that revenue lost by the state exchequer due to large scale illegal mining over the decades should be recovered from mining companies and it should be invested in creating basic infrastructure in areas affected by mining operations. 
The Justice M B Shah Commission of Inquiry report had pegged the loss at Rs 35,000 crore while the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) had put the same at Rs 3,200 crore.  
While the recovery issue does not figure in GCCI’s pre-budget memorandum submitted to Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, it has suggested to the government that the volume of mining should be less than 40 per cent of the peak mining operation volume, once mining resumes in the state. 
 “If something has to be recovered, it should be recovered,” GCCI President Manguirish Pai Raikar told reporters during the briefing on the pre-budget memorandum submitted to the State government.
“Even when regulated and legal mining begins, we expect the volumes to be less than 40 per cent of the peak mining operations volume,” the pre-budget memo submitted by GCCI reads. 
Raikar said that he has not gone through the reports of Justice M B Shah Commission and PAC, but whatever has been identified by these committees in the form of loot, should be recovered. 
“Once the money is recovered, it should be invested in creating infrastructure such as health and education for those people who have suffered because of the mining industry,” Raikar added, responding to a question about the recovery of Rs 3,200 crore from the mine owners who are mentioned in PAC.  [H]