Recover tax arrears from factories, Curtorim locals tell panchayat

 The villagers of Curtorim during the gram sabha held on Sunday asked the panchayat to recover tax arrears from the factories and other establishments.

The deputy sarpanch, Mr Joaquim Santano Rodrigues, who chaired the meeting, informed that many of these factories have not paid taxes for the last few years.
Mr Rodrigues assured to send the notices to the defaulting factories and other establishments.
He sought the villagers’ support in recovering the pending revenue.
He informed that a builder has petitioned the High Court  regarding a project. He explained further that the court has granted panchayat  some time to respond.
Though there were some noisy scenes witnessed when the issue of the  400 sq mts Musiwaddo land came up, the acting sarpanch  tactfully controlled the situation.
The NGO Curtorkaramcho Ekvott highlighted some observations, but they were not accepted by the many members of the gram sabha  claiming that the NGO is going against the village people.
Some were heard accusing the elected body for not giving them the ear.
Mr Rodrigues urged the villagers to see the progressive image of the village and not to fight within.
“I told the members of the gram sabha, let us prepare a five year plan for the village  instead of  pinpointing the mistakes of the  former  panchayat bodies vis-a-vis their works,’’ he said after the gram sabha.
He also informed the locals that since the present body took over,  the sarpanch, Ms  Valentina  Braganza had forwarded many proposals  benefiting the village. Ms Braganza did not attend the  gram sabha. [NT]