Redkar ordered land acquisition without govt permission: CM


Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has said that a vigilance inquiry has prima facie shown that suspended Deputy Collector Dasharath Redkar had issued an order to acquire land admeasuring 70,000 sq mts in Panjim without government permission.
Commenting on Redkar’s suspension, Parrikar said the government had acquired land for Goa Bazaar at Merces in around 2003, wherein a land loser had lost land admeasuring around 6000-7000 sq mts. “The party had approached the then government for alternate land in lieu of losing land for the Bazaar project, but the government had turned down the plea since he was paid the compensation”, he said.
The Chief Minister said the party again approached the Digambar Kamat government with a plea to acquire alternate land for him. “Revenue Minister, Jose Philip D’Souza had asked for a report on the subject, but the government did not pass any order”, he said, adding “Redkar as Under Secretary, Revenue in 2009 issued an order to acquire around 70,000 sq mts of land without government permission”. He pointed out that the deputy collector sought to acquire 10 times the land lost by the party and that too in a prime area on the Panjim bypass. [H]