Refer crimes against women to fast track court: Rane


Pointing to the increasing number of heinous crimes against women in the State, Opposition Leader Pratapsing Rane on Tuesday demanded that such cases and those against children should be referred to fast track court. 
Rane opined that these crimes are occurring as there is no fear of punishment. He urged government to initiate necessary steps to control the increasing crime against women and children, while speaking during Question Hour Tuesday.
In reply, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar said that in most rape cases, the complainants have been cheated by the accused. “There has been consensual sex between two but later, accused refuse to marry (the girl) and hence it is then registered as rape,” he explained. 
Parrikar also said that in several cases, there has been delay in filing complaints. 
As per the answer tabled in the House, in 2012, 41 rape cases were registered. Of the total 41, in 2012, 37 cases were registered, while four rape cases were registered in 2013. 
In 2011, nine rape cases occurred and all were registered in 2012. Four rape cases which had occurred in 2010 have also been registered in 2012. 
Four rape cases occurred between 2008-09 and were registered in 2012.        
Rane pointing to students’ security said that a lady attendant should be made available in buses, which ferry students to school and back home. 
Responding to the query, Parrikar said ‘the issue will not be resolved by keeping a lady attendant. Schools have to ensure that good people are selected for the post of conductors and drivers’. 
“Government cannot go everywhere. We can only create general atmosphere for security,” the chief minister stated. 
In the recent past, there have been several cases of rape, molestation, kidnapping and even murder of a 19-year-old girl, whose body was found in the Assagao jungle in January. 
Just a week before the murder, a seven-year-old was raped in a Vasco school toilet, and police have till date failed to arrest the rapist. This has raised questions on the security of the students in the school compound itself, although police claim to have taken measures to ensure that children are safe. 
Creation of women’s helpline number and help desks at police stations were two quick measures  that were put in place, after a series of cases against women came to the fore this year.  [H]