Religious structure raises ruckus at Siolim


Close on the heels of the ugly incident that took place at Gudem-Dando in Siolim a few days back, in which a dispute between two warring groups over the issue of holding sway over a temple claimed the life of a person, Siolim residents woke up on Saturday morning to find themselves at the threshold of another communal issue, which if not nipped in the bud, could snowball into a major conflict disturbing peace in the village. On Friday some individuals with the tacit support of some vested interests, built a square foundation base, supposedly for erecting a ghumti. This construction activity is being taken up just beside an age-old cross, existing on the widened Siolim culvert, which is right in front of St Anthony Church at Siolim. On Saturday morning passers by were wondering what the sudden and unique structure coming up just beside the cross was all about. Soon it became known that the foundation base was made for erecting a ghumti. The sarpanch of Siolim, Ms Anita Chaari immediately arrived at the sit along with panch members Ms Alba Sequeira and Mr Sylvester Fernandes rushed to the site and stopped the work. [NT]