Remo Fernandes

As a result of 450 years of colonialization by the Portuguese, Goan music has evolved to a form that is quite a bit different from traditional Indian music. This historical amalgamation from the east and west has produced some of India’s best artists such as Lata Mangeshkar and Remo Fernandes. While Lata Mangeshkar has brought classical Indian music to the world, Remo suceeded in bringing a uniqe blend of Indo-Western Pop to all of us long before it became “fashionable”

logo… an Introduction

Since 1987 Remo has been the highest record selling pop/rock artist in the English language in India, and is the only one to have earned Gold Discs in this category here. Since his foray into Hindi he has been at the top of that category too, with three film songs (“Jalwa“, “Humma Humma” and “Huya Ho“) going double platinum and topping every Indian press, radio and television hit chart.

Remo made the decision to make his original music his profession (he is a Bachelor of Architecture) at a time when there was no pop music scene in the country. In 1983 there was no air play on radio and television (they were both monopolized by the government, who refused to accept pop music’s existence); no record companies willing to sign a contract (specially as Remo wrote and sang in English; they said “Give us Hindi disco and we’ll sign you on right now!”); and the only concerts where one could play were so-called charity ones where the organizers mainly took artists for a ride.

Remo knew that his songs, though in English, had nothing foreign about them, and reflected life and socio-political happenings in India which every Indian could identify with. So ignoring record companies’ lack of vision he invested in basic home recording equipment, recorded and released his first album called “GOAN CRAZY!” on a 4-track cassette Portastudio in 1984 (on which he played all instruments, sang all voices, composed all music & lyrics, engineered the recording and mixing, designed the album cover, etc), made a thousand copies in Bombay, distributed them to record shops around Goa on the yellow scooter he drove at the time, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Besides his tremendous success with records, Remo is known as a stage performer and entertainer without equal in this country, and is the only Indian pop/rock artist to perform totally LIVE, without fake lip-sync or even backing tapes. He has represented India at the Tokyo Music Festival, the Festival of India in the USSR, the MIDEM ’96 Music Festival in Hong Kong, besides Festivals in Germany, Bulgaria, Macau, Seychelles and Mauritius. He has performed in Europe, the USA, the Middle East, Australia, Africa, Reunion Island, etc.

PEPSI USA chose him, as India’s leading pop/rock star, to endorse and star in Pepsi’s first two launch films here – films which made advertising history in India.

He is known as an artist who spreads social messages through catchy hit songs. He is equally at ease writing good-time dance tracks and international award-winning love ballads.