Remo to seek legal recourse as Rs 4.5 lakh cheque bounces

Noted Goan singer and songwriter, Mr Remo Fernandes, in a press note issued here, has said that the Rs 4.5 lakh cheque given to him by Red Line Events, for the Football Anthem, which he was commissioned to compose, produce and record for them, was sent back by their bank with a memorandum of insufficient funds.

Mr Fernandes has mentioned that he managed to force the payment for the live performance part of the deal a bare 24 hours ahead of the concluding ceremony of the football tournament — Youth Champions League, held at Fatorda, by threatening to go to the press and refusing to perform if the payment was not effected in advance as agreed.

Criminal proceedings by his laywers are underway against Red Line Events, Malad, Mumbai, he has said in the release.

"Other than the issue of the bounced cheque, Red Line Events’ organisation was fraught with disorganisation," he alleged, adding in spite of insistent instructions from him as well as the sound engineer Tony Fernandes, from the night before the show, when rainy weather set in, the organizers failed to cover the stage with rain-proof material, or a plain sheet of tarpaulin.

He pointed out that this made it impossible for the electronic instruments to be connected before the show, even though he and his band were at the venue for the check from 1.30 p.m. onwards.

"Me and my band therefore were forced to connect and check instruments, for a full half hour, right in the middle of the show. I always refuse to play when the organisers fail to provide us with proper sound check arrangements and time. However, to save the day for Red Line, I decided to make an exception and perform. Only to be paid back with a bounced cheque," said the well known musician.

"And let us not even talk about the long comedy of errors committed by Red Line: sub-standard, brandless footballs which broke as soon as the game started, forcing Figo to cast out ball after ball, only to have the same ball thrown back at him as there were no more; countless half hour gaps during the show while the organisers didn’t appear to know what to do or what was going on, during which extremely loud and aggressive techno music a-la beach shack was blasted at the football tournament finals; no one to instruct and escort Figo from the VIP stand to the stage when I was supposed to play a specially composed Portuguese/Konkani welcome ‘corredinho’ for him; Figo being demanded payment by the hotel where he was put up; the list is endless," the singer added. [NT]