Removal of obstructive poles in Sanquelim demanded


The members of Sakhalim BJP mandal (SBM) and Sakhalim City Development Samiti (SCDS) have demanded the removal of electricity poles that are standing in the middle of the road.
The members of SBM and SCDS have accused the officials of the electricity department from the Sanquelim electricity office for adopting delaying tactics in the issue of the pole removal, which they say are creating hurdles in the road widening project.
Talking to local reporters, SBM president, Mr Santosh Malik, its members, Mr Dattaram Chimulkar and Mr Upendra Karpe and SCDS president, Mr Ashok Desai, said that the concerned officials from the Sanquelim electricity department, to whom they had submitted a memorandum to remove the electricity poles, have not taken any steps to do the same, despite promises to remove it within a week. They said that the officials say there is a shortage of funds and so cannot go ahead with the removal.
“Electricity department officials says there is need of funds of Rs 58 lakh for removing the said poles which they do not have,” said Mr Chimulkar. He further added that the electricity department is further bent on passing the buck to the Directorate of Municipal Administration (DMA). He said that when they approached the DMA, they too expressed their inability to undertake the said work due to paucity of funds. Mr Chilmulkar also said that it was the responsibility of the last council authorities, headed by its chairperson, Mr Riyaz Khan to follow up the issue, which was not done.
He said that after the BJP came into power, the proposal was forwarded to the concerned department to take necessary action. He said, “Had this been done by the last SMC authorities two years ago, things would have been on the right track now.” He also said that it is possible to transfer the funds internally from DMA to the electricity department, however, “They (DMA) are not ready to do so which is a matter of great concern,” he said.
The BJP mandal members have therefore requested the DMA and electricity department to come to a mutual understanding among themselves and complete the said work without causing any more delay. [NT]