Residents nab and thrash ‘thief’ at Colmorod-Navelim


A 27-year-old man from Karnataka, Ravi Panchakatti, believed to have stolen a motorcycle, was nabbed by an irate mob of residents at Colmorod-Navelim on Tuesday. The residents thrashed him severely before handing him over to the police.
Police sources said that the residents had been keeping a vigil over suspicious people following the rise of incidents of thefts in the locality in the past few days .
On Tuesday afternoon, a group of villagers saw around four people lurking suspiciously near a building at Colmorod. When confronted by the residents, three persons took to their heels, while the fourth was found with a motorcycle which had gone missing on Monday.
People joined the group in thrashing the thief who was later handed over to the police. The accused has been arrested and the two-wheeler has been seized by the police. Police investigations are under way.  [TOI]