Residents paint speed breakers at Uguem

With the PWD showing little interest in maintaining speed breakers at Uguem-Sanguem, residents got together and carried out the much-needed painting on them in the village.

“Many speed breakers in the village have not been painted by the PWD for quite some time and as a result they are not visible from a distance. This has led to accidents,” said Anthony Colaco, who spearheaded the drive to paint the speed breakers.

“Some days ago, a woman rider new to the village roads had a fall after travelling over one such speed breaker, but was lucky to escape with minor injuries. In the nearby Cacora village, a woman died a year back after she fell off a two-wheeler at the speed breaker,” Colaco recalled.

Colaco also claimed that many speed breakers in the village did not conform to specifications of the PWD.

Incidentally, there is a High Court order which has directed the PWD and other departments to paint speed breakers on a regular basis.

“Unfortunately in the remote areas, the high court order is being ignored by the PWD. Even signboards warning motorists of the speed breakers are corroded and are illegible,” said Colaco. [H]