Residents worried over falling water level of Netravali River

Expressing fear over the receding level of the Netravali River, residents of Kurdi-Wadem and other neighbouring areas have demanded additional Bhandaras to arrest further loss of water in the river.

Speaking to Herald, residents claimed that the water level of the Netravali River had significantly reduced due to poor rainfall during this monsoon.

Stating that the river bank had dried up at many places, residents of Kurdi-Wadem said most farmers in Kurdi-Wadem are dependent on the Netravali River for agriculture purposes. They felt that additional Bandharas need to be constructed to arrest the depleting water levels.

Sources informed that there are three Bhandaras constructed by the Water Resources Department across Netravali River to regulate water supply for agricultural operations. The department reportedly undertakes Bandhara construction work in November or December. [H]