Restrictions on new liquor licences now in force


The state government's new excise policy, which came into force on Wednesday, has restricted the setting up of new liquor shops in residential areas of villages and municipalities and in industrial zones and areas.
It will however not apply to licence renewals, to those who have already paid fees for a fresh licence and to those seeking occasional licences.
Under the new Goa Excise Duty (Amendment) Rules 2013, no licence shall be granted to any applicant if the liquor shop is in a residential building, except one owned by the applicant where no other residences than his/her exist; in a market or commercial complex belonging to local authorities/local body/government; or located in a licenced hotel/restaurant/resort situated in the settlement zone of village panchayats.
No new liquor shop will be allowed to be opened in an industrial zone or an industrial area either.
Liquor licences will also not be given for buildings located in zones, other than commercial, falling within municipal council or corporation limits, said Ajit Pawaskar, under secretary, finance. [TOI]