Resume work along Vante-Ambeshi road: Villagers


Villagers from Ambeshi Vante have requested authorities to resume work along the Vante-Ambeshi road, which had been stopped during the last monsoon.
The villagers complained that they have to travel via a longer route to reach Ponda city.
It is learnt that the work of the Vante-Ambeshi road, a stretch of 5 kms, was undertaken during the Congress rule to facilitate villagers from Honda, Pissurlem, Morche, Poriem, Keri, Advai-Vante and surrounding areas to go to Ponda city.
Source also informed that this road, once completed, will provide connectivity to three constituencies, including Pale, Poriem and Valpoi.
The construction work, which was stopped during last monsoon, has not been started again till date. [H]