Revoke swimming pool licence: Aldona locals

Some residents from Aldona on Monday staged a protest rally in the village and later stormed into the Aldona Panchayat office and demanded cancellation of the license given to a party to construct swimming pool in the village.
Sarpanch Ujwala Kandolker told the protesters that the Town and Country Planning (TCP) Department has given the permission to the party to construct the swimming pool and the panchayat cannot stop them.
However, since the protesters did not budge, the sarpanch agreed to issue stop notice to the party.
Speaking to Herald, Kandolker said the permission to construct swimming pool was given to the party by the previous body. “The party completed all the legal formalities, based on which the TCP Department had issued permission for the swimming pool,” stated Kandolker.
“Further, this is not the first swimming pool in Aldona. There are several swimming pools in Aldona. Since the residents are demanding the cancellation of the license, we can only issue stop notice to the party, but the party has got the right to go in appeal with the Directorate of Panchayat since they have completed all the legal formalities and TCP has given them the permission,” added Kandolker. [H]