Rise in crime prompts police out-post at Patto


Concerned about the increase in crime in the Patto area in Panaji, the police department has decided to establish a police out-post in the area. The outpost will come under Panaji police station and it will function round-the-clock.
Police department has sent a proposal to the state government for the establishment of the out-post and requested a sanction of additional staff that includes one police sub-inspector, one assistant sub-inspector, two head-constables, and 12 police constables.
The proposal states that Panaji, and the Patto plaza area in particular, has become vulnerable to thefts and other crimes as a result of the increased presence of large numbers of tourists and migrant population visiting the area.
"There is an increase in offences and other incidents of crime due to the large crowds and increased business activities in the area," states the proposal prepared by the police headquarters.
Police record state that in the Patto area alone 38 cases (crime) were booked in 2007, 53 in 2008, 59 in 2009, 61 in 2010, 37 in 2011 and 49 cases were registered in 2012.
The annual financial implications for establishing a police out-post at Patto Plaza are estimated at 15 lakh.
The duties of the police out-post will include registration of cognizable offences on the reports received, speedy, impartial and effective investigation and detection of cases by quick visits to the crime scene.
The rapid urbanization of Panaji city has resulted in an increase migrant population at construction sites which police claim has led to the rise to crime and other law and order issues, the proposal states.
The proposal also stated that the Panaji police station is also required to perform number of unsanctioned duties within the available strength, which hampers the normal functioning of the Panaji police station. The existing sanctioned strength of Panaji police station is not sufficient to cater to the daily needs of the police station.
The proposal was prepared based on the directions of chief minister Manohar Parrikar to depute a small team at Patto to ensure the maintenance of law and order. Parrikar also directed the traffic police to assist the economic development corporation (EDC) in effective management of vehicular traffic and pedestrians in the area as per the plans drawn by them. [TOI]