Road digging inconveniences public


Inconvenienced due to the road digging taking place in the Taleigao, Miramar and surrounding areas? You may need to some more patience.
The Public Works Department (PWD) which is undertaking the laying of the underground sewage pipeline network in parts of Taleigao, Miramar and Dona Paula has come under flak for digging the roads in the areas simultaneously and inconveniencing traffic.
Not only has the digging affected commuters who used to use the dug-up roads, residents and shops in the area are complaining of dust. The work seems to be lumbering on and it is more than a month now that some of the roads are in a bad condition.
A person who runs a mini-supermarket in the Taleigao requesting anonymity said "I am unable to get stocks of goods since the supplier's trucks cannot come to my store due to the dug up road and this has affected my business."
Residents however feel that the PWD needs to clear the roads where work has already been completed of the accumulated mud to allow smooth flow of traffic. One Taleigao resident even filed a police complaint against PWD for failing to clear the mud. The digging work also resulted in the snapping of a number of water supply pipes at various points and water was could be flowing on roads for considerable amount of time before the leakage was attended to.
When contacted, a PWD official said the department has to complete the works before the monsoon and hence was simultaneously taking up a number of roads at a time. The official requested public cooperation and said mud will be cleared and roads opened as soon as work is complete. In case the mud is not cleared after the work is completed, the public is urged to bring this to the notice of the PWD.
The PWD plans to first undertake soleing of the road with stones and allow it to settle, and then undertake resurfacing of the road after the monsoons.
The entire project for laying the sewerage network for Taleigao, Donapaula and surrounding areas is expected to be completed by December 2014, said the official. However, some areas will be commissioned as the network gets ready and around 100-150 connections are expected to be commissioned by May 2013.
The entire network will be connected to the new Sewage Treatment Plant at Tonca which has a capacity of 15 million litres per day. [TOI]