Road network in Anjuna, Vagator far from satisfactory


Yet another tourist season has begun and tourists including domestic as well as foreign, are seen flocking to various beaches in Goa leading to increase in traffic.
While Anjuna is well-known for the weekly flea market where tourists come from as far as South Goa, Vagator is known for the fort which is also frequented by tourists.
Though a few days ago, the Tourism Minister, Mr Dilip Parulekar during his visit to Anjuna and Vagator beaches had outlined the importance of upgrading the necessary facilities on the beach, unfortunately nobody gave attention to the narrow roads leading to Anjuna and Vagator.
The small century-old narrow bridge at Anjuna gives rise to long traffic jams on every Wednesdays as tourists in large numbers come to the flea market. Ironically though the situation is such that just one vehicle can pass over the bridge at a time. It seems the four-time serving MLA and now a minister has never considered it fit to widen the bridge. On the other hand even the main road leading to Vagator is quite narrow at Chinvar with many a times tourist buses falling into the fields at the time of giving way to other buses. About one kilometer of a road stretch at Chinvar is very narrow and to add to the misery the road has sharp edges.
Social activist, Mr Shrikhant Parsekar, who resides just beside this road, has admitted that being a tourist destination the road network in Anjuna and Vagator is far from satisfactory. “I have recently written to the panchayat to seek PWD intervention in widening this road so that at least two vehicles can comfortably pass by. I hope that the panchayat acts fast as otherwise we will see another season marked with accidents,” Mr Parsekar said.  
Surprisingly, Mr Parsekar also informed that in July last year the PWD had sought the approval of the Anjuna panchayat with regards to widening of the narrow bridge but till date the panchayat has not acted. He felt that in such serious issues the panchayat must act promptly.  Meanwhile, panch member, Mr Dinesh Patil claimed that plans were in the pipeline to widen and hot-mix the roads leading to Anjuna and Vagator at a cost of Rs 10 crore.
“The work depends on availability of funds but there are plans to widen the Chinvar road with the approval of the farmers just before hot-mixing. The bridge could also be widened but it is still not known when the work would commence,” informed Mr Patil.
‘He however further said that the PWD should at least begin work on widening the bridge now so that there is some relief from the traffic jams and hot-mixing can be taken up later. [NT]