Robbers gag woman, loot gold


Robbers struck in a big way at Majorda last night, while burglars made merry in neighbouring Betalbatim, as they managed to lift away gold and other valuables worth Rs three lakhs.
In a daring robbery at Adanv Waddo, Majorda, Hindi-speaking robbers gagged the woman Luizinha Fernandes and threatened to assault her if she raised an alarm. 
They entered the house by removing the window grill. They are believed to have first ransacked the other bedrooms before heading to the bedroom where Luizinha was sleeping.
 “I woke up after the miscreants switched on a torch. As I tired to raise an alarm, they caught hold of my mouth and head and threatened me with dire consequences,” Luizinha narrated. 
They then opened the cupboard in the bedroom and lifted away gold ornament worth Rs 2.5 lakh before making good their escape.
The miscreants also targeted a bungalow in neighbouring Gonsua ward of Betalbatim village. 
Owner Slyvia Pereira said the inmates had gone to sleep at around 12 pm and woke up at around 6.30 am, only to find the window grill missing. 
“When I got up, I found a table outside my bedroom door. The culprits effected entry by removing the window grill. They ransacked all the three bedrooms and managed to lift away a gold chain. The miscreants, however, could not effect entry into my bedroom since it was latched from inside”, she said.
Colva police are trying to find whether the two daring cases were the handiwork of the same gang.  [H]