ROLO DE LEITOA (Piglet or Pigling Roll)

ROLO DE LEITOA (Piglet or Pigling Roll)

Introduction :

From: Best of Goan Cooking by Joyce Fernandes


Ingredients :

1 small piglet (4 kgs) dressed
1/2 kg pork (minced)
4 large spicy sausages (minced).
powder of 16 cloves and 2 inch cinnamon
2 tbs Worcestershire sauce
2 eggs
3 tbsps fine breadcrumbs
6 hardboiled eggs (shelled)
1/2 metre muslin cloth
spaghetti and tomato sauce.


Remove the skin from the pigling in one piece, very carefully, and wash it. Remove the fleshy parts of the piglet and mince the meat. Keep the heart, liver, kiedneys, and bony parts of the pigling aside and prepare a Cabidela*. Mix the minced meats with 2 teaspoons salt, spice powder and Worcestershire Sauce.

Beat eggs lightly and mix into the meat together with breadcrumbs. Stretch out the skin, spread the mince meat over it, place the eggs (whole) at one end, in a line and roll tightly. Wrap with muslin cloth and tie the roll tight with twine.

Boil the wrapped roll in a large pan with enough water. Remove the twine and the cloth and slice the roll evenly. Serve cold, garnished with boiled spaghetti and tomato sauce.

*Cabidela: Click HERE