Rs 11.90 lakh loss in Panaji shops fire


 Two shops located near Azad Maidan in Panaji were gutted in a fire in the early hours of Thursday. The fire and emergency services personnel have estimated the loss at 11.90 lakh and have determined a short-circuit as the cause of the fire.
A police control room vehicle patrolling in the capital city at around 4am on Thursday noticed sparks from a shop at the junction near the Goa chamber of commerce and industries on MG Road. The police personnel called the control room of the fire and emergency services, who rushed to the site and found a major fire having engulfed two shops at the site.
Fire personnel tried to douse the flames which had already spread but could not salvage a major part of the goods from Loja Gudo general stores run by Umesh Parekh and Laxmi Cashewala operated by Rajesh Gupta.
Assistant district officer R A Haldankar and station officer S D Naik estimated the loss at 11.90 lakh. Officials said that both the stores were not insured.
"The police control vehicle personnel told us that they heard a loud sound of electronic appliances like TVs and ACs being burnt out in a short-circuit. We have asked the electricity department to confirm the cause of the fire," an officer said. [TOI]