Rs 2-crore alloted for Konkani, Marathi pre-primary schools


Continuing his penchant for giving doles to give a booster doze to education in Konkani and Marathi, Chief Minister Manohar announced Rs two-crore budgetary allocation for pre-primary schools imparting education in Konkani and Marathi besides making budgetary provisions for other schools imparting primary education in either Konkani or Marathi. 
While reiterating his government’s desire to have primary education imparted in the mother tongue, Parrikar also said he would solve the vexed issue of Medium of Instruction in three to four months time. "We have decided that each pre primary school should get Rs 15,000 per month to set up, provided that they follow all the guidelines laid down by the government. The stress will be on these schools,” Parrikar said. 
However he said that action would be taken against schools that do not complete the required remedial days of instruction. 
Last year when announcing the government’s policy on MoI the government had announced a scheme to give grants to all primary schools which sought use Konkani or Marathi in the academic year 2012-13. Parrikar vowed to continue these grants with budgetary allocation of Rs 2.5 crore. In 2012-13, 68 schools applied and availed of the grant bringing the total schools to 115, Parrikar said. The scheme is to grant Rs 12 lakh in the first year and a lakh each year for the next five years for the schools to find their bearings. 
"I am well aware that everybody's concerned about the issue of Medium of Instruction. In this regard, I request everyone to bear with me and without any hulla-baloo help me fulfill (obligations) on this issue," Parrikar said while adding that he would form an advisory council to find a permanent solution to the MoI issue within three to four months. 
The chief minister also announced that he would solve the pending issues of BEd teachers, professional teachers and computer teachers in a few months. He announced a provision of Rs two crore 'free grant' to schools, not linked to salary but based on the number of students up to Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000 per month. 
On the higher education front he has agreed to introduce new course in 3D printing and additive manufacturing especially at the Technical Institutes, and extended the Goa Scholar Scheme to 20 students and $ 20,000 for students going abroad.
His other announcements include a counsellor in each secondary and higher secondary school, yoga as an optional subject, loan cum grant for infrastructure of private schools (Rs 50 lakh for primary and one crore for secondary and Rs 2 crore for higher secondary schools). 
He also promised to solve the issues relating to the property on which schools are located, and repairs of all schools by GSIDC. [H]