Rs 7 lakh worth smoke detectors stolen from Central Library


Two unidentified culprits, who masqueraded as maintenance technicians, have committed a theft of 194 smoke detectors – valued at Rs 7 lakh — from the Central Library at Patto-Plaza, informed police official, Mr Anant Gaonkar. Mr Carlos M Fernandes, the curator for Krishnadas Shama Goa State Central Library, lodged a complaint with the Panaji town police alleging that the two thieves entered the library on February 2, 2013 posing as maintenance technicians. With the help of library workers they removed all smoke detectors by keeping outer covers intact.
It is alleged that the ‘maintenance technicians’ worked in the Central Library from 12 p.m. to l 5.30 p.m. on that day and removed all the devices, which were carefully wrapped in plastic bags, from installation points. They decamped with
`7 lakh worth booty under the nose of security personnel and library officials. The library officials came to know about the theft on February 8 when a smoke detector failed to function after a person was found smoking in the library.[NT]