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RTO: Will fine yellow & black cab drivers wearing white uniform

Abhay Naik, the assistant director of transport at Vasco, has informed that his office has not received any direction from the government over the change in dress code for yellow and black taxis. By rule any driver of yellow and black taxi has to compulsorily wear khaki uniform while ferrying passengers in his taxi. He said that though he is not aware of the decision changing uniform from khaki to white taken by the airport taxi union, if his staffs finds anyone wearing white uniform while driving yellow black taxi, then, such drivers would be fined for violating dress code.

“It is very clear, yellow and black taxi driver has to wear khaki and yellow number plate taxi driver has to wear white uniform while ferrying passengers. We cannot allow any union to change the dress code fixed under the rule book and all the offenders will be fined. Also as this issue has been brought to my notice, I will summon airport taxi union and will ask them to follow rule book.” (H)

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