Russians flock to season’s first night market at Arpora

A large number of Russian tourists were seen flocking to the season’s first night market ‘the Mackies Saturday night market’ that began on November 10 at Arpora.

Though it was expected that being the first night market of the season, there would not be much of a crowd, but it turned to be just the opposite with Russian tourists turning out in large numbers for the market, though other tourists were also seen.
Many stall operators also admitted that on the first day of the night market Russian tourists were more. Being the first night market, there was excitement in the air with tourists wondering what was in store for them in the new season.
Though the market went on into the night the Russian tourists were interestingly seen leaving the venue by 11 p.m. Taxi operators also when contacted informed that they did a moderate business on the first day.
Police were also seen keeping a tight watch on the activities.  Arpora is known for two night markets but the other one is yet to start. Incidentally, Anjuna flea market has also started since the last one month. On Wednesdays it is busy roads and bustling activity in Anjuna. [NT]