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Safety measures sought at GVM Circle Farmagudi

Traffic circles at the road junctions are meant for safe movement of vehicles but the GVM Circle at Farmagudi has proved to be disastrous for the past many years with several vehicles, failing to make proper turns. The GVM Circle is often in darkness and so is the KTC approach road. Besides the faulty design of circle, poor visibility during night makes it difficult for heavy vehicles to manoeuvre the turn.There are two big traffic Circles at Farmagudi – one near Shivaji Fort at Farmagudi and the other a few metres away at GVM Circle. The former one which is the oldest one has proved safe for negotiation of vehicular traffic. But the GVM circle has proved to be dangerous and accident prone especially for vehicles moving from Panjim towards Ponda while negotiating this circle to move towards the bypass (Davlim-Farmagudi) to proceed towards Margao. “It is often noted that many of the heavy vehicles fall on the left side due to faulty design,” said one Engineer working in Government on condition of anonymity. With growing accidents locals are demanding improvisation of traffic circle as well proper road alignment at the GVM Circle.
This circle was constructed one decade ago on Davlim-Farmagudi Bypass road to divert the heavy vehicles coming from Panjim to Margao without entering the congested Ponda town. Now with the increase in vehicles the GVM Circle is found to be hard to negotiate causing the vehicles to either fall on their left side or hit the other vehicles approaching the circle from the opposite direction.Despite the numerous accidents, the locals say the authorities have failed to bring about some improvisation at circle or to make proper road alignment which could have solved the problem.“Causes of accidents at this circle are because of its faulty design. But there is lot of scope for improvement as plenty of land is available by road side. Beside the faulty design, the traffic circle is located on a slope and the lighting of the circle is very poor,” said one engineer on condition of anonymity.
There is a bus stop close to the circle which puts passengers and students at risk. In the past one Marcaim youth lost his life in an accident at this junction.According to Pramodh Sawanth, who is convenor of People of Ponda (POP), he had brought the dangerous condition of the circle to the attention of the traffic authorities but his efforts, he says, have gone in vain.A high-mast light could also reduce the accidents, says another commuter.According to Umesh Naik of Bandora at least one speed breaker should be installed towards Panjim side of the circle to prevent vehicles falling on its left hand side of circle. “The government should reduce the size of circle. The mango tree by the side of circle should be cut down which obstructs visibility,” said Umesh. [H]

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