Saffron BJP goes white and light in Assembly

Vanilla shirts and cream pants has been the preferred attire of most ruling party legislators and also their allies during the current session of the Goa legislative assembly.

In an apparent show of unity and discipline, most BJP legislators, led by chief minister Manohar Parrikar, come dressed in pastel shades of vanilla and cream but it's not a rule cast in iron. Some BJP MLAs simply wear whitish shirts and Vishnu Surya Wagh still comes in bright coloured kurtas.

Deputy chief minister Francis D'Souza confirmed it is a conscious decision to wear light colours in the current session of the Assembly. "It's not a dress code. But our party has told us that ruling party MLAs should wear light coloured clothes. Otherwise, it looks like a zagor. Also, there are comparisons that one MLA has dressed well and another has not. But it's only a request, we are not forcing the MLAs to do it," D'Souza said. [TOI]