Salcete farmers happy with yield this season

Mr Sandeep Faldesai, zonal agriculture officer (ZAO) Salcete, on Monday said that several farmers after harvesting the paddy crop, have disposed off their paddy and informed that his office has received 150 application from farmers claiming government subsidy.

This season, in Salcete and Mormugao talukas paddy cultivation was undertaken in around 6500 hectares of farmland.

Stating that the government has assured Rs 17 on a kg of paddy as support price to farmers who sell their produce to the notified dealers, he said that if a dealer buys one kg of paddy for Rs 8, the government would pay the difference of Rs 9. He sad that he has started processing the received applications.

Mr Faldesai said that several farmers have met him and express satisfaction over good harvest this year and placed their applications for subsidy. He said that harvesting is completed in Betul, Cuncolim, Assolna, Chinchinim, Dharmapur, Macasana, Chandor, Girdolim and Majorda, while harvesting is in progress at Nuvem, Cortalim, Curtorim and at other places. He said this will be completed by the end of this week. He said no application has been received claiming damage to crops or losses suffered. He said that overall, harvesting was good and paddy produce was also good.

Mr Faldesai said that adequate measures were taken to motivate the farmers through incentives to promote agriculture. He said since the beginning of farming season, the zonal agriculture office, Salcete, has given 180 tonnes of paddy seeds to over 2000 farmers at the subsidised rate of Rs 14.50 per kg, while the actual rate is Rs 29 per kg. He said that several farmers have brought fallow land under cultivation this season.

He added that tractors were provided to the farmers at subsidised hiring rate of Rs 125 per hour while the actual rate per hour is Rs 250. He said that subsidy on the agricultural equipment encourages farmers to engage in farming.

Meanwhile, Ms Maira D’Costa of Dharmapur, said that this year the harvest was pretty good. She said that several farmers have already started the process of getting their fields ready for the second crop, like vegetable and pulses. She said maize, jowar and bajra are also grown in Salcete.

Ms Antoneta Fernandes, a farmer from Macasana said that due to sufficient rains, farming activities this year prospered and cultivation was good; however, she said that the government should revise further the support price offered to farmers.

She said that paddy seeds and fertilizers should be given at very low subsidy rates. She said she is preparing for the second crop and would visit the agriculture office to procure pulses at subsidised rate. [NT]