Salcete leads State in paddy production


Salcete leads the state in paddy production with an estimated production of 30,508 tonnes followed closely by Bardez at 29,536 tonnes, data given by agriculture department has revealed. 
The figures submitted to the House however goes counter to casual observation which shows that many fields in coastal villages of both Salcete and Bardez are being kept fallow throughout the year. 
Talukas such as Sanguem, Pernem, Bicholim and Quepem have estimated production of 12,168, 17,607, 13,535 and 19,757 as reported by the department. 
When it comes to pulses, however, Bardez leads the pack with production of 3382 tonnes, closely followed by Pernem with 2599 tonnes with all the other talukas production being in three figures or lower. 
Pernem takes the cake when it comes to groundnut with a production of 4902 tonnes followed distantly by Bardez with 2962 tonnes. Most other talukas except for Bicholim, Sattari and Canacona do not even produce groundnuts. 
Sanguem leads the pack in sugarcane production with an estimated production of 23,447 tonnes followed by Quepem with 10193 tonnes. Other talukas either do not produce sugarcane or their production is four figures or less. 
The agriculture department estimates that the state produces 1.83 lakh tonnes of paddy, 8,286 tonnes of pulses, 8,000 tonnes of groundnut and 46,584 tonnes of sugarcane. [H]