Salcete sarpanchas displeased over long delay in clearing ration cards


Sarpanchas from Salcete on Wednesday questioned the revenue authorities over the inordinate delays in clearing ration cards and residence certificates by the office of Salcete Mamlatdar.
Taking the opportunity of the meeting called by the district Collector, N D Agrawal to discuss awareness programs at the village level, many a Sarpanch sounded highly critical over the handling of applications for ration cards and residence certificates.
They demanded to know why applications had to wait for months for a simple ration card and called for simplification of the procedure to avoid corrupt practices. They demanded to know why applications for inclusion and deletion of names in the ration cards are entertained only in the months of February and August. The Collector immediately called Salcete Mamlatdar Triveni Velip to the conference hall to answer the queries raised by the sarpanchas.
After much discussion, it was decided that the Mamlatdar would clear the backlog of applications for residence certificates and dispatch the same to the village panchayat for distribution to the parties. The date regarding the availability of the residence certificates at the panchayats will be announced later.
On the question of mutations, the collector told the sarpanchas that the Mamlatdar will visit the village Panchayats once a month to listen to grievances pertaining to mutations. Mamlatdar officials, however, raised doubts whether it would be practical for the mamlatdar to visit every panchayat once a month given the huge work load and that Salcete has 30 panchayats. [H]