Sale of comunidadeland irks Pilerne locals


The issue of lease of comunidade land to persons from outside the village dominated the proceedings of the Pilerne gram sabha held on Sunday. More than 100 villagers attended the gram sabha.
Agitated villagers claimed that the comunidade had recently sold a huge tract of land to a person from Calangute for 100 per sq m, while villagers are denied any land and even when they buy land from the comunidade, they have to pay the market rate. The villagers want the comunidade to sell land to villagers in need of plots at a nominal rate.
The panchayat representatives, though, pointed out that the comunidade is an independent private body and the panchayat cannot interfere in its affairs. They also said that the comunidades are bound by their own rules and regulations, and land is only sold to gaunkars or those in government service, sports persons and military men. They added that there is no provision to sell comunidade land to others.
The gram sabha anyway adopted a resolution to call representatives of the comunidade to the next gram sabha to question them on the matter and also for villagers to make an appeal to the comunidade for land at nominal rates.
Villagers also raised queries about the progress in setting up a garbage treatment plant by the panchayat. The panchayat members informed them that the land acquisition proceedings have been initiated to set up the garbage treatment plant near a hotel, and that work would be taken up on a priority once the land process is completed.
Villagers also demanded the construction of drains to avoid flooding, which happens during the monsoon. The other issues which were discussed were the irregular and inadequate water supply by the PWD and the voltage fluctuation, both of which the panchayat members promised to take up with the PWD and the electricity department. [TOI]