Salt Pans (Traditional Occupation)

Salt Farming in Goa, has been practiced for the past 1,500 years by a few communities. Salt pans are a man made hyper saline ecosystem from which crude salt is extracted during summer. Salt produced through this natural evaporation process played an vital role in the economy of Goa during the Portuguese rule as salt was the chief export commodity. During earlier times, salt from Goa was exported to Thailand, Burma and even African countries, while in 1855 Goa dominated Asian market as regards to the salt export. But in recent Years the traditional salt industry is on the verge of collapse.

Salt pans (Mithagar or Mithache agor) form a part of the reclaimed waterlogged khazan lands, which are also utilized for aquaculture, pis ciculture and agriculture.

The salt is used locally for domestic consumption as fertilizer, soil conditioner, coconut and other fruit bearing trees.
fermenting agent for salting green mangoes in pickles, and for dry fish. (Molly Faleiro)

Salt Pans, Ribandar – Goa (Photo Courtesy Shaikh M. Moshin)