Sancoale sarpanch to face no-trust on January 1

 The long awaited no-confidence motion against Sancoale Sarpanch Narayan G Naik will be taken up on January 1.
The no-confidence motion will be a tough test for the BJP since the ouster of sarpanch who is a BJP man could well mean that more such no-trust motions could be taken up in at least one more BJP-affiliated panchayat in Cortalim constituency wherein dissent against the sarpanch has been simmering for quite some time now.
While, eight out of eleven panchas had signed the no-trust motion against Naik, he is however confident of defeating the motion. The sarpancha’s confidence is perhaps based on the intervention of some BJP bigwigs who have intervened in the matter to avoid disintegration of the BJP panel in one of the most populated villages in Goa.
While it is learnt that one of the panchas has decided to reconsider his opposition to the sarpanch, majority of the signatories are learnt to be determined to oust the sarpanch whom they claim is adopting ‘one-man stance,’ meaning he is not taking even the ruling dispensation into confidence leave alone the opposition.
Ramakant Borkar when contacted however said there was no question of any division amongst the opposition panchas. "All the panchas are with me and we will succeed in the no-trust motion against the sarpanch," said a confident Borkar.
However, sarpanch when contacted was non-committal on his plans for the no-trust motion. He however denied that BJP leaders were involved in salvaging the situation but admitted that local MLA and Forest Minister Alina Saldanha was trying to resolve the issue.
“It is quite natural that Saldanha being the local MLA will get involved in the matter. But the outcome will be known on January 1,” Naik told Herald. [H]