Sanjivani to start reaping profits in two years: Deepak

Claiming that the "vested interests" of some politicians from the former Congress government had turned Goa's lone sugar factory, into a "white elephant", minister for cooperation Pandurang 'Deepak' Dhavalikar vowed to ensure that the factory would turn into a profit-making unit in two years.

Dhavalikar, who was a part of the former government, told TOI that the new government has introduced several measures to save the Sanjivani Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana (Sanjivani Cooperative Sugar Factory), at Dayanandnagar, Dharbandora.

Dhavalikar said the previous government had purchased a harvesting machine that had no use. "The 1.5 crore machine is useless and public money has been wasted on it. We are now planning to auction it to recover something out of it," Dhavalikar said.

He also criticized the policy of the then government of using seeds produced using old technology that yield very little crop. "The state currently produces 50 tonnes of sugarcane per hectare, but the new seeds would help produce 80 to 100 tonnes per hectare. We have also appointed two agricultural officers to monitor the cultivation," Dhavalikar said.

After the factory starts making a profit, it would would be handed over to sugarcane-cultivating farmers, as the factory is a cooperative unit, he added.

The factory has 1,150 sugarcane cultivators, who supply sugarcane to it, but the government expects the number of cultivating farmers to rise to 2,000 by next year. [TOI]