Sao Jose de Areal make semis grade

Sao Jose de Areal entered the semi-finals of Fr Agnelo Youth soccer tournament when they registered a 4-2 victory against a strong Margao SC at panchayat grounds, Avedem-Paroda on Thursday.

While Margao had a slight edge over their rivals in terms of positional play and accurate passing bouts, the Areal team took the rivals by surprise on counter attacks which appeared dangerous at times.
While the teams did their level best to score in the normal period of play, the goalkeepers of both the teams did an excellent work by bringing in spectacular saves.
As the teams were involved in a deadlock, the tie-breaker system was adopted in which Sao Jose de Areal proved to be better shooters, scoring accurately through Aggio Antao, Romeo Fernandes, Clide and Mario Rebello.
Margao could find the mark only through Wilson Dias and Stanley Araujo. [NT]