Sao Jose de Areal residents for preservation of village identity

The villagers of Sao Jose de Areal, on Sunday, resolved to reject licences to the mega housing projects proposed or to be proposed in the village “in order to preserve the village  identity.’’

The village of Sao Jose de Areal is presently dominated by the  Schedule Tribe people.
The sarpanch, Mr Julio Monteiro, stated, “we explained to the villagers, why such a decision is  necessary for the village  of Sao Jose de Areal. We want to protect our village  identity.
“If any builder builds single bungalow,  the panchayat could have  considered it, but  certainly not the  commercial flat system in the village, which will easily change the face of the village,’’ Mr Monteiro  said after the gram sabha.
Sharing his experience about the Ramnagri area flat occupants who  allegedly dump their waste in the open at the  roadside and the panchayat  could not solve the problem, despite  many attempts in last one  dacade, Mr Monteiro added that he would not  mind to step down or face the challenging of unseating him, “but would not allow mega projects in the village.’’
The locals demanded VP3 status for the village from the government  in the backdrop of the non-implementation of the RP 2021.   One of the  locals  pointed out that the TCP sometimes considers the  2001 plan, and sometimes the draft plan of 2021 while approving  the  construction plans.
The members of the gram sabha resolved to write to the  Administrator of Communidade to  bifurcate the  comunidade areas of  Sao Jose De Areal from Curtorim Communidade as the  Sao Jose  de Areal areas are included in the Velim Constituency with the  delimitation.
The panchayat constituted supervisory and ward development  committees and handed over the task of verifying the  bogus ration cards and other certificates, illegally made by few migrants, to them.  Ten of the eleven panchayat members were present for the meeting. [NT]