Sardinha slams doles, says it will make youth lazy


Congress MP Francisco Sardinha on Monday criticized the government for various doles and schemes in the state budget, which he said would make the youth dependent on government doles, instead of working.
Sardinha said he was in Delhi for the Parliamentary session and had arrived in the state on Sunday.
Slamming the allocation of 1,200 crore for expenditure on schemes in a deficit budget, Sardinha said "no weightage has been given for bringing in new industries, and there was no roadmap for increasing jobs for youth". "Instead, the government has projected doles for various schemes, thus making the youth lazy," he added.
We have to create jobs for thousands of youth passing out from colleges, but of late, we don't see any expansion in industries in the state, he said. He said the budget lacked revenue generation and had, instead, totally burdened the middle class by coming up with ways to generate revenue by imposing taxes at the cost of the middle class. He criticized the 10% housing tax on houses over 10 lakh, asking, "What is 10 lakh today?"
Sardinha said that some of the schemes like the Dhanlaxmi were begun during the Congress regime and had been modified by the BJP government. Many projects like the South Goa collectorate and district hospital had started during the Congress term and were completed or will be completed now, so the BJP shouldn't take credit for them, he said. The state is yet to see any performance from the BJP government on the ground level, he added. The law and order situation in Goa is also deteriorating, he said, referring to the rapes and murders in the state.
Sardinha also said that money should be recovered from those who had done illegal mining and they should be penalized. The money should be used for the development of the state, he added. [TOI]