Scheme mooted to reward ST students excelling at Boards


 The state government will award students of the scheduled tribe (ST) community, who perform well in the Class X and Class XII exams, a cash prize of up to Rs 20,000 annually, as motivation to excel in academics.
"Generally, it is observed that the academic performance of tribal students is poor when compared with the performance of general students. High rank holders who belong to the ST community are very few in Class X and Class XII. For the overall development of the tribal population, extra efforts are required for improved performance by tribal students," reads the scheme mooted for the same. It adds that a majority of ST students live without economic means and there is a need to instill a competitive instinct among them right from childhood.
"Tribal students need motivation to excel in their academic performance. High performance of tribal students therefore needs to be recognized so that these students strive for higher academic performance and start competing with the high performers of entire class of students," states the scheme.
Under the scheme, the first five rank holders among ST students at the Class X exams and first five rank holders at the Class XII exams (separately for all the streams of science, commerce, arts and vocational) will be felicitated at a public function.
A certificate of appreciation will be given at the time of felicitation and a financial award of up to 20,000 will be transferred electronically into the bank accounts of the rank holder students.
There will be no restrictions on the basis of family income to vie for the award.
"Students securing marks in the range between 50% and 59.99% will be given a financial award of 5,000. Students securing marks in the range between 60% and 69.99% will be given a financial award of 8,000. Those securing marks in the range between 70% and 74.99% will be given a financial award of 10,000 and pupils securing 75% marks and above will be given a financial award of 15,000," states the scheme. [TOI]