School at Mangueshi temple secures its ‘borders’

Its proximity to a famed Mangesh Temple at Mangueshi-Ponda has posed various security challenges to a school, but the school authorities have initiated various steps to monitor the movements of tourists in and around the school premises. The Wagle High School had already equipped the classrooms with CCTV cameras, but with the Vasco school incident, the school management had also decided to install CCTV cameras in the school campus for the safety of the staff and the 1000-odd students in the primary and secondary sections of the school.

According to sources, some four years ago, the height of the school compound wall was increased to stop tourists from clicking photographs of students, especially during the morning assembly.  There were requests from foreign tourists to visit the school, but school authorities declined these requests. School staff and teachers also keep a watch on strangers entering and exiting the school premises. [H]